"For somebody that uses chalk lines from 5-6 feet, 150 times a day, the Perfect Putting Line is easy and accurate. Add the Perfect Putting Tower and you can visually dial in a smaller target (pro side of tower) to aim at. The Perfect Putting Aid™ will definitely help you make more putts!"

—Rocco Mediate

6-Time PGA Tour Winner


"The Perfect Putting Aid™ is truly amazing! I was absolutely convinced with how simply I could use this aid. When I started putting on the perfect putting line, I was missing putts to the right. The immediate feedback I received reminded me about the putter face and the path of the stroke. Within ten minutes, I made ten consecutive putts. The assembly is so easy, I can use it in my hotel room on tour to perfect my putting stroke. Everyone on the tour should have The Perfect Putting Aid™."

—Derek Lamely

2010 PGA Tour Winner


"Thank you for The Perfect Putting Aid™. It has been very helpful because it emphasizes the true fundamentals of putting. We all need to remember that the shaft moves on a straight line and the club head moves on a slight arch. The putting line is especially easy to practice with on tour in my hotel room."


"The Perfect Putting Aid™is a terrific tool for golfers to use to improve their putting stroke for at least two very important reasons. First, the Aid gives a very good visual image to start the golf ball on the correct path. Second, The Perfect Putting Aid™ really helps golfers know when they are putting sidespin on the ball. I have finally found a putting aid that I can depend on to help my students perfect their putting strokes. I highly recommend that all golfers get one soon."


"All great putters roll the ball straight off the face of the putter. The Perfect Putting Aid™ is the best aid on the market to help golf instructors teach that principle and help players practice it. It is fun and rewarding to use. At our short game school, it is always one of the stations where students enjoy practicing the most."


"I have been using The Perfect Putting Aid™ for 6 months with my students and it is by far the most useful putting aid I have ever used! In fact, one of my students just shot a 64 after practicing with it for the past month. I would highly recommend you purchase one today!"


"I encouraged one of my best students to practice with The Perfect Putting Aid™ as he prepared for the Illinois High School State Championship. My student not only loved the practice sessions, he also loved the results because he won the state championship! I firmly believe that The Perfect Putting Aid™ is guaranteed to improve your putting stroke, and every golfer should have one and look forward to the results."


"If you cannot stroke the ball on your intended line, you will never achieve any measure of consistent putting. The Perfect Putting Aid™ is the single most important tool I use when I work on my putting. I receive immediate feedback on whether or not I stroke the ball online. On a practice putting green, in a hotel room, or at home, this aid works anywhere. When you consistently roll the ball down the three foot line, you will become the consistent putter you always wished you could be."


"The Perfect Putting Aid™ is an amazing invention that has helped my putting stroke immensely! The instant feedback on every single putt is priceless. I have been using the Aid with my students and have seen a dramatic improvement in their putting strokes as well. If you want to improve your score, The Perfect Putting Aid™ is the answer! Get one today!"


"The Perfect Putting Aid™ has not only helped my students, but it has improved my putting as well. I used The Perfect Putting Aid™ routinely during the 2011 golf season and won the Illinois PGA Player of the Year award. I also shot a career best 61 that consisted of only 22 putts! I highly recommend this for all golfers who want to improve their score."

—Rich Dukelow

PGA Teaching Professional


"The first week I used The Perfect Putting Aid™ I won the DeKalb County Amateur! I like that I can use it at home and in the off season along with the fact that it is very easy to use and gives me immediate feedback. I highly recommend it to all golfers, regardless of skill level. I will be using it this winter to keep my stroke sharp. Thanks for showing me this incredible invention."

—Mark Esposito


"The Perfect Putting Aid™ was the turning point for my putting. The best feature was the instant feedback that helped me focus on my stroke. After practicing with The Perfect Putting Aid™, I was able to qualify for The 2010 U.S. Women's Amateur. I would recommend The Perfect Putting Aid™ to anyone who is serious about improving their putting."