The Perfect Putting Line

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The first putting line on the golf scene that’s so effective it’s been copied more than once (and imitation is flattery). The Perfect Putting Line will provide feedback on 5 different aspects of your putting game. The Perfect Putting Line has been requested and used by over 100 touring professionals. Price: $39.95
The Perfect Putting Line:
Constructed of lightweight aluminum
Measuring 4’ long and 1.68” wide (the width of the golf ball)
Silk Screen line (no grooves to challenge your accuracy)
Three starting positions to build confidence in all distances!

1 Training Line gives 5 Putting Lessons

  • Speed Control
    Speed Control

  • Face Angle
    Face Angle

  • Path Of Putting Stroke
    Path Of Putting Stroke

  • Green Reading
    Green Reading

  • Starting The Ball On Line
    Starting The Ball On Line